New York Bedroom Artist WOLF MANHATTAN Shares Video For His Retro Pop Ditty ‘SOMETIMES’

24 January 2023

Who: The alter-ego of musician, composer, producer and post-punk
electronic wizard João Vieira. A bedroom producer who, in a non-specific
time, lives alone above a local shop in New York City. Surrounded by his
uncle’s record collection, a 4-track and a guitar from the 50s that belonged
to a well-known artist, he finds that the only way to ease his loneliness is to
listen to The Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, Jonathan Richman, Adam
and The Shangri-Las.

Manhattan released his noteworthy, catchy tunes-filled
debut album (buy/stream below via Bandcamp) last year.

The album’s impressive artwork

One of the highlights, titled SOMETIMES is representative for the longplayer.
A feel-good retro pop ditty, a lazy hum/whistle/sing-along earworm to dream
away to.

The song is now visualized in this new video clip.

Stream/buy the debut album here.


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