BAMBIE THUG Does Your Head In With A ‘TSUNAMI’ Of Blaring Punk Beats

Daily electricity to load your batteries

25 January 2023

Artist: BAMBIE THUG (what name!)
Who: The musical moniker of
British artist Cuntry Ray Robinson

New single/clip: TSUNAMI

Thug: “The musician explains that the song in fact “seeded from a bicycle ride
I went on with Tylr Rydr in central London; I asked him to send me a beat that
sounded like our journey. I started the idea with a mate Charlie Hubbard and
finished the lyrics sitting on top of a bin in the rain in north London.”

“I was at point where nothing was going right for me and I needed to write
a song that embodied where I wanted to be: out of depression and top of
my game. Tsunami sat in the vault for over a year before I brought it to
Comanavago for additional production, now the beast has upgraded and
is finally ready to be birthed into the world.”

TUTV: Oh my, oh my. Wanna go ballistic? Wanna fight your worst nightmares?
Here’s what you need. A tsunami of blaring punk beats. Merciless bangs that do
your head, your mind, and your demons in. You’ll never forget Bambie Thug after
this punked-up electro-slam dunk. She’s creepy, devilish and sexy.

She’s an EBM witch, she’s 4 real, she rules.

Release the bats.

BAMBI THUG: Facebook – Instagram

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