Portland’s Gothwave Duo PRINCESS UGLY Mystify With Psychedelic Mindtwister ‘AN INDIVIDUAL SOUL’

New striking strokes

25 January 2023

Who: The duo of J. Christopher-Rome (lyrics/vocals) and Christopher Moncrieffe (music/instruments) from Portland, Oregon. They mix post-punk, early 80’s goth,
shoegaze, and new wave into their own brand of sound.


TUTV: This is a multi-layered serpent of a track. After a short shock intro,
psychobilly guitars take over and riff and roll all the way through, surrounded
by glowing synths waves.

Add Christopher-Rome’s creepy whispering and you’ll feel transported
somewhere into a twilight zone where Goths party. Princess Ugly’s ominous
mind mystifies and the enigmatic she-devil in the video is a misleading magnet.

Save your soul, surrender.

Things get dark
Still going down
It needs to be fed
It came before
As an individual soul
As an individual soul

Delusion, delusion, delusions
We choose to pass by
We choose to pass by

Buy here.

PRINCESS UGLY: Facebook – Instagram

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