CAT JANICE Advices To ‘CHILL THE FCK OUT’ And She Knows Why

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 February 2023

Who: Singer-songwriter born and raised in Washington by a vastly musical family, she took to violin and piano at an early age. What followed was 18 years of classical training, with valuable time spent as part of orchestral productions, jazz bands and theatre shows. She won the 2019 WAMMY (Washington Area Music Award) for Best Rock Artist and her 2020 single Pricey featured in the hit Netflix show Selling Sunset.


“Though Cat’s energy and passion seem unparalleled, her life has not been without difficulties. The creative is fearlessly transparent about her recent battle with cancer, her songs delving into both the struggles and successes of that journey. Her music and social media posts alike have taken the open road, connecting on an unrivaled level thanks to absolute sincerity and soul.”

1/10 songs Turn Up The Volume gets in his Inbox is about how the world is fucked up.
And it is, as we know it, in a lot of ways (racism, sexism, war, intolerance, inequality, corrupt politicians, etc.). But to face all those problems, I guess we need to fill our own mental tank now and then – a lot, actually – to be strong to resist adversity while having
as much lust for life as possible.

That’s Janice‘s message with her new ecstatic R&B earworm.
She battled cancer and won. And she’s confident to keep on
chilling the fuck out.

Let’s join her, let’s shake our booty and embrace
life and our fellow men. Good things can happen.

CAT JANICE: Facebook – Instagram

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