Waking Up With PURLING HISS And Their ‘BABY’

Works faster and harder than caffeine

8 February 2023

The new album’s impressive artwork

Philadelphia’s guitar-electrifying rockers PURLING HISS canned
a new album, their 6th since their self-titled debut in 2009.

It’ll show up on 24 March. Pre-order info here.

Info: “The colliding circles of time bring us back to the brink of the Hiss at last.
Classic rock singing/screaming guitars fuse with Mike Polizze’s hope-n-dreamz feels
and explode into fresh heartbreak, happening right now today, as sweet tunes and crushed guitar harmonics pour off the turntable and run out in the street, just like
in the old days.”

New single BABY, following the first one Yer All In My Dreams is vintage
Purling Hiss
. Orchestrator Mike Polizze and his compadres still operate in
the same territory of legendary guitar addicts Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr,
with all burners and cylinders on and catchy power strokes.

Tune in, baby.

PURLING HISS: Facebook – Twitter

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