Fervid Faeries BIZARRE FAE Give You ‘NO CHOICE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 February 2023

Grand artwork

Artist: BIZARRE FAE (London)
Who: They are alt-pop-electro- punk artists based deep in the heart of
the woods & can be found dancing with the ‘fae’ under the light of a full
moon. As a child they were encouraged to make as much noise as possible
and to dance & sing to their heart’s content. They are drawn to music that
comes from the heart, that shines a light on the injustice & plight of the
human race & all that challenges the norms of society.

New single: NO CHOICE

Following last year’s bubbling Once Upon Time EP comes this
new mid-swing emotive eruption with an immediate impact on
hips and feet. Imagine spit-and-sneer rap-punksSleaford Mods
fronted by she-devil Charli XCX. Yes I know, an incendiary alliance.

Fervid faeries Bizarre Fae don’t give you a choice.
You’ll be elevated beyond your control and you’ll
bloody love it.

Tune in.

Also streaming on Spotify.

BIZZARE FAE: Facebook – Instagram

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