Femme Fatale ALIRA MUN With Pop Noir Standout ‘VIS LUCID’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

12 February 2023

Photo: Maria Blaga

Who: Perpetually clad in shiny or dark clothes, Alira Mun is a preternaturally
talented party starter, an intuitive, rave-focused DJ with excellent wide-reaching
taste. This approach to electronic music places the Romanian artist in a growing
milieu of young producers looking to explore the world through EDM.


“‘Vis Lucid‘ is more abstract, fractured, complex, and unpredictable than the artist
ever did before, unleashing her vocals while digging deeper with brooding electronics. Alira’s ability to bring us into her feelings and have us wonder with her makes the music extremely interesting, while her energetic synths and powerful voice unite to give us the ultimate EDM anthem.”

TUTV: Sexy and sensual, psychedelic and bewitching, glamorous and gloomy, darkwavish and enigmatic. Vis Lucid is an electro-groovy standout with a, yes, didgeridoo-like resonance. After a mystifying 2-minute long instrumental part Mun comes out of the dark with her charismatic femme female voice, but she’s gone in an eyeblink, only to return for a moment in the end. It creates a mysterious atmosphere. Greatly orchestrated and executed. Pop noir at its best!

Video: The black and white video is pulsing feelings. You will immediately feel the heart-wrenching pain she has been going through during every pounding second of the song. Straying just outside what you know of electronic or techno music, Alira Mun creates a sound that is all her own: a little dark, deeply honest, raw, and relatable in its realness.

Get puzzled.

Also streaming on Spotify.

ALIRA MUN: Facebook

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