Poetry In Medieval Folk Motion – Here’s All-Female Manchester Orchestra CREATIVE TODDLERS

Daily electricity to load your batteries

Forget about Madchester, here comes Folkchester.

If you don’t start whistling, humming along, or singing along to this
sickly sticky melancholic accordion-juiced lullaby after 15 seconds,
you are probably in a coma.

This all-female (including Happy Monday Shaun Ryder‘s wife),
harmonious Manchester orchestra just shared their debut song

It sounds like poetry in medieval folk motion. Honestly, it made my day,
discovering it after all the noisy hullabaloo I consumed so far on this
Valentine‘s day. It felt like a sonic relief.

Throw your guitar out of the window, move your furniture, invite your
neighbours, and have a little dance on your carpet together, while rockin’
the cradle.

Right here, right now.

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