Swedish Synth-Symphonic Act EYEMOUTH Shine On Their New Oceanic Opus

Standout longplayers

16 February 2023

Who: This musical project started in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014 and presents a soundscape based on electronic backgrounds and a more classic rock instrumentation blended with mellotrons, vibraphone, santur, harmonium and other alluring sounding instruments. In short, atmospheric psychedelic darkness with occult undertones.

TUTV: Eyemouth is not a band, it’s a sort of spiritual experience, floating from the past
to the present with an eye on the future. This new sonically versatile opus is another explorative voyage into their mythical world.

Expect atmospheric synth-scapes for soundtracks of sci-fi movies (We Left Death / The Endless Call / To Part), mellow Pink Floyd echoes (Dictated By Fear / To Go Without A Sound), dark-electro-wave surrealism (For The Bold / A Solid Ground) and an overall symphonic sonority.

All greatly orchestrated with both classical and futuristic-sounding structures. At times composer Marcus Lilja‘s ghostly voice comes on, but for the greatest part, this record bathes in instrumental grandeur embracing the power of nature.


EYEMOUTH: Spotify – Linktree

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