Seasoned Guitar Noizzz Trio QUIZ SHOW Dropped Another Turbulent Track

Daily electricity to load your bateries

17 February 2023

(Photo by Phil Silverberg)


Who: After a quarter-century break, Chris Matthews, a founding member of legendary
DC hardcore band Shudder To Think, picked up his guitar and began to write songs again. Luckily he lives in the same town as Guided By Voices drummer Kevin March, who agreed to jam and write with Chris. Uniquely, Kevin had also been a member of Shudder To Think, so the pair had lots of influences in common. Husker Du, Pixies, Ramones, Firehose, Joy Division, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Jawbox, and Girls Against Boys all spring to mind.

3rd shared track of their upcoming, self-titled
debut album out on 17 March. More info here.

Album artwork

TUTV: Following electricity-charged pieces Dime A Dozen and What If?
this one rocks out with panache in the same sonic space where this turbulent
trio embed harmonic melodiousness, annex vocal harmonies in layers of ablaze
guitars. Like I said before Hüsker Dü and also Sugar (Bob Mould‘s first project after
HD split up) fans – which includes me – will embrace Quiz Show with open arms, and
so will, of course, Shudder To Think and Guided Of Voices addicts do too. Bring on the album.


Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

QUIZ SHOW: Facebook – Instagram

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