DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – Botanique Club, Brussels – 20 February 2023

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS, the garage-punk rock fury from Los Angeles, led by vocalist/guitarist/organist and charismatic voodoo doll Bonnie Bloomgarden,
release their new – 5th – album, baptized ISLANDS IN THE SKY this Friday,
on 24 February. Order info here.

The three shared singles predict another triumph (and thanks to his secret sources
Turn Up The Volume
‘s ears can confirm that for a fact) for the girls that glow in the dark.

Check them out and get hooked.




And last night we heard these three stunners for the first time live as DVG landed
in Brussels for a 60-minute fuzz and buzz concert that started with the ominous psych snake Abre Camino (from 2018 album Darkness Rains), followed by rattling renditions of Street Justice and More Dead (from the same LP). By then everybody, young and old, was already under the spell of Bonnie Bloomgarden‘s genuine joy radiation, her big rock ‘n’ roll heart and the band’s dashing drive.

Their flaming gloom and doom gems Disco, DVG Boogie and Disaster turned up the heat of the sonic seance even more and increased the sweat factor in the packed club instantly. And these seasoned musicians know all the right tricks and push all the right buttons to keep the steamy sauna show going. Hail hail. Rawk and roll.

The three new singles were received as euphorically as the older firecrackers were. Yes, only devoted fans in the house, so Bonnie decided to meet them up close for a finale of selfies, smiles, and hugs while she kept on singing her lungs out to the Jimi Hendrix‘s infused jam Electric High (bonus track on the Deluxe Edition of 2014 debut album Street Venom). Magic powers in motion.

We all screamed for an encore and got one to close a gig where LOVE was in the air throughout. I only saw ecstatic faces and ecstatic fans thanks to an ecstatic band.

Everybody was under the spell of DVG joy and it felt really, really, really good.

The riff man in the shadow

Former dart Rikki Styxx hitting hard

DVG: Facebook – Instagram

(Concert photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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