Waking Up With THE BOOS And New Brassy Single ‘THE UNCONSCIOUS’

Daily cracker that works faster and harder than caffeine

22 February 2023

After the 1998 album Kingsize – their 6th LP – it seemed
like if the British guitar pop combo THE BOO RADLEYS
was over and done.

But last year they returned to the spotlights with the new longplayer
Keep On With Falling (without co-founder Martin Carr). And the creative
production keeps on streaming.

On 9 June another full length will see the day of light. It’s named EIGHT, yes their 8th.


Following lead single Seeker the band presents a 2nd taster with The Unconscious. Lyrically it’s about the past two rough years frontman Sice experienced, but sonically
it’s another brassy feel-good thrill that puts a smile on your face. The Boos still have it,
they still excite, and they still entertain.

(Press pic)

Sice (co-songwriter and lead singer): “It started with a ska riff and nothing else.
The idea was to let it grow without restriction… kind of like opening the unconscious.
Lyrically, it details my two-year psychoanalysis, which did not end well.”

Tim Brown (bassist and co-songwriter) adds: “A disco/dub mash up? Brass solo?
The song certainly took a few unexpected musical turns on the journey to reaching
its final form. Thumping drums and bass drive the song along. Backing vocals lift
the bridges, and overlay the choruses.”

Tune in.

2023 is also the year that their pop diamond album Giant Steps turns 30.


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