Warning! Electro-Slash-Punk Duo SHELF LIVES Bite

Daily electricity to load your batteries

Daily electricity to load your batteries

21 February 2023

(Photo credit: Derek Bremner)

Who: Raw electro-punk duo from London. They pair hardcore punk’s brief blasts of energy with electroclash’s minimal and sleazy sonics. Their music feels chaotic, tense, and wired; raising themes of societal collapse and hyper-consumerism with a warped smile.

Track: BITE
It follows their smashing debut album
Yes, Offence released last year.

TUTV: This synth-punk salvo starts with some sharp-cutting sneering
and spiting and then, one minute in, when the siren-like chorus erupts
through your tormented speakers, this maddening missile sounds like
if The Prodigy fly a starfighter with Amyl Taylor from the heated Aussies
Amyl And The Sniffers in the front seat.

You’ll experience a supersonic rush
through your veins. Wow! Double wow!

Yessss, this is really heavy stuff, people. Karma or not, no rest for the wicked.
In a normal world, this crack hammer uppercut should top the UK’s Indie Charts.
Don’t miss them, they’re electro-tastic. Hells bells!

Ay ay ay ay ay ay
Well you said you like karma
You say you like freedom
You’re better than me
So you said you are calmness
Better off stealing, rather than cheap

I will never bite what you say
Didn’t want to find out anyway
I will never bite what you say
Didn’t want to find out anyway.

Alert your neighbours
before you release the bats.

Press play.

SHELF LIVES: Instagram

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