London’s Synth Pop Outfit MAGNETIC SKIES Score With Their New Blissful Single ‘YOU SHINE ON’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

22 February 2023

(Press pic via Measure PR)

Who: Synth-pop act
from London formed in 2018

New single: YOU SHINE ON
From upcoming album Empire Falling

“This is a love song, a story about two people finding each other despite
divisions from outside, and about being true to yourself even when that
doesn’t fit with expectations from society or other people. It’s celebrating
a really positive self-belief.”

TUTV: This is delightful synth pop bliss with echoes of legendary British
giants The Human League and Pet Shop Boys . Boosting tunes are so welcome
in these worrying times. Music still can make a difference as it happens here
with this pick-me-up earworm transferring you to la-la land, away from reality.
With uplifting vocals adding an extra dreamy touch you’ll be smiling from left
to right and back. Sizzling score!


MAGNETIC SKIES: Facebook – Instagram

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