SUEDE Share Remastered Video Clip Of Their Classic Cracker ‘ANIMAL NITRATE’ For A Reason

24 February 2023

Artwork ‘Animal Nitrate’ single

Next month, 29 March, it will be 30 years since London‘s glam rock heroes
released their monumental self-titled debut LP (stream below) that
catapulted them to the top of the indie rankings, in and outside of the UK.

Yes, the album with the notable front artwork. A photograph taken by Tee Corinne that, in its entirety, shows a woman kissing an acquaintance in a wheelchair. Corinne had turned down the band’s request to use the full shot of the two naked women and insisted they could only use a head and shoulders close-up of the women to protect their identity.

To start the festive celebrations of the 30th anniversary the band
just shared a remastered video of one of the 4 sublime singles.



SUEDE: Website – Instagram

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