Waking Up With… Flamboyant Electro-Metal Artist CASSYETTE Going ‘BOOM’

Daily noise that works faster than a gallon of caffeine

25 February 2023

Single visual

Who: Essex-born (real name: Cassy Brooking) electro-metal
agitator who entered the music scene years ago as a loud DJ.

New single: BOOM.

Cassyette : “I made ‘Boom’ whilst I was having a manic episode.
I had gone into mania that morning and wanted to write about what
it feels like for me. Experiencing extreme highs and lows can be so draining,
so writing this felt like scratching an itch that can’t be scratched.”

TUTV: Wowzers! Imagine American red-hot-blooded punk-rap act Ho99o9
fronted by Fever Ray. Sounds motherrocking cool, right? You betcha. With
Boom you can crush your worst demons. Oh yeah, its intimidating electro-metal
impact is AWESOME. Rollin’ from sensual-voiced verses to a TITANIC chorus Cassyette fulminates like a rattling roller coaster without breaks. Holy booming shit. I wouldn’t
mess with this she-devil if I was you. Her adrenalin production goes over the top,
and so should yours.

Press play
Hit hard


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