Canadian Guitar Pop/Rock Trio REAL KEVIN Crank Up The Vibe On New Single ‘SKY KISS’

24 February 2023

Who: Garage rock/post-punk/grunge group from Ontario, CA
who released double album ’94/Ninety Four in 2019.

New single: SKY KISS

“This song is technically a cover but interestingly, we do not know who the original artist is. We’ve put some of our own touches on this song but it’s mostly a cover. Has a bit of that “wall-of sound” guitar that gives it a shoegaze sound with a falsetto ear worm for a chorus. We also had to come up with a way to start the song and all come in together and since we are huge fans of “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes, we decided to pay a little homage to its drum intro.”

TUTV: If you embed an instantly sticking pop melody into a fuzzy guitar-layered sonic
bath and you add the right bells and whistles, like an overall scintillating sonority, an effervescent oh-oh-oh-oh chorus, electrical flashes here and there, and crackerjack vocals there’s a big chance you’ll end up with a winner. Which is what happens exactly right here. Trust me, Kevin is for real. Excuse them while they kiss the sky.

Tune in.

REAL KEVIN: Facebook – Instagram

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