Waking Up To The Towering Synth Sound Of New Italian Darkwave Duo TERZO

Daily noise that works faster than a gallon of caffeine

26 February 2023

Artists: TERZO
Who: Terzo is an Italian word that means ‘the third’. It represents an
additional presence that this new darkwave/shoegaze/post-rock duo,
Karl Clinton and Billie Lindahln, sensed inhabiting their most creative
moments when they began working together.

Debut single: CYMBELINE
From the upcoming self-titled debut album,
out on 21 April. Pre-order/save here.

It’s the duo’s cover of a 1991 song by the Celtic/world music singer-songwriter and composer Loreena McKennitt, which has a lyric lifted from the William Shakespeare
play of the same name.

Lindahl: “We had a feeling that we could make something interesting with it. Karl did
most of the instrumental work, guitars and programming, while I recorded my vocal in
one take. This song means so much to us because it was the first thing we did as a duo
and I think we just sort of understood that we could do great things together.”

TUTV: Haunting, mysterious, and ghostly. These are the keywords here. Cymbeline progresses in slow-motion with a towering multi-layered synth sound that sends shivers down your spine. The nightmarish resonance swells in tension along the way, black clouds show up in the sky, while Lindahl‘s otherwordly wailing causes goosebumps. Rousing debut!

Tune in.

Original version.

TERZO: Facebook – Instagram

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