Atlanta’s Darkwave/Shoegaze Duo NOW AFTER NOTHING Impress Again With New Piece

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 February 2023

Who: A thrilling musical duo feat. frontman and multi-instrumentalist Matt Spatial and drummer Michael Allen – from Georgia, Atlanta. Their dynamic collection of tracks cover
a vast selection of genres from punk to industrial and new wave with influences from Bauhaus, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth


Matt Spatial (frontman): “The sonic atmosphere of the song is like one giant burning star
of continuous combustion. It feels equal parts uneasy and harmonious happening all at once.
It is warm meets cold, pain meets pleasure, and captures the exact story of the song’s lyrical content: a tale of the worst psychologically abusive relationship. It is about the struggle to break free and reclaim one’s self/identity in the aftermath as told from all three sides of the story.”

TUTV: After impressing Turn Up The Volume‘s greedy ears last month with steamed-up stormer Sick Fix , the galvanizing Atlanta duo hit again with this new thunder and lighting jackhammer. Its threatening mid-tempo course grabs you by the throat throughout its arousing progression.

Darkwave-infused synths, multi-layered-shoegaze electricity and fevered vocals mix organically and work, slowly but surely, their way toward a flabbergasting firework finale. NAN are on a special break-free journey, don’t miss them.

Tune in.

Also streaming on Spotify.


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