Dim The Lights, Sit Down And Relax – MIHI NIHIL Share New Poignant Ballad ‘SO PLEASE’

New striking strokes

(Photo by Andrew Leggett)

1 March 2023

(Photo by Andrew Leggett)

Who: 4-piece from Los Angeles featuring Mihi, a former
New York City Opera backed by three self-taught rockers.
Influences: Early Radiohead, The Clash, Ennio Morricone,
Pixies, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Neil Young

New single: SO PLEASE

MN: “The landscape of the song is one of canyons and colors of sundown.
We love the classics. We love a good story. This is one of ours. “So Please” is
a song that dances between soul, country, goth and punk. Relaying tales of
love and whether life is worth living when it’s lost.”

TUTV: With last year’s self-titled debut LP Mihi Nihil let us hear that they
like to wander around in a romantic world, not a la-la-land one, but rather
one where dreams are inspired by reality. This new heartrending ballad
also comes from that space where redemption, healing and , of course,
love(sickness) are interwoven.

Mihi Vox‘s vocal emotiveness brings the wistful touch of country rock legend
Linda Rondstadt to mind, but also the sepia-colored timbre of Angel Olsen echoes
here. The song is embedded in weeping-guitar melancholia and emphasizes its
longing ardor. It’s a universal, melodramatic reverie.

Dim the lights, sit down,
relax and press play.

Also streaming on Spotify.

MIHI NIHIL: Facebook – Instagram

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