Songsmith WOLF VANWYMEERSCH Causes Goosebumps With ‘THE ART OF LETTING GO’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

2 March 2023

WOLF VAN WYMEERSH, maestro of Belgian post-punk-sludge crusaders Elefant and guitarist of former power-pop idols The Van Jets wrote-recorded-released his solo debut album, baptized The Early Years last May. A melancholic and romantic record looking back at days gone by.

And here’s his first new 2023 music. THE ART OF LETTING GO is a stripped-to-the-bone reverie about the loss of his father. A chilling musing that grows in feverishness along the way with Wolf‘s soul-stirring voice upfront and an affecting cello riff rollin’ in the back. Goosebumps. I’m sure his father would be touched by his son’s way to try to let go.



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