dEUS Trying It Out In A Small Venue

Belgian Gods dEUS – without a shadow of a doubt the best band in Belgium‘s rock
history – did a try-out for their upcoming tour to promote new album How To Replace It? last Thursday at a small venue in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

The gig sold out in only 20 seconds, yes, only 20 seconds.

And as try-outs go, it’s about trying to incorporate new songs into a mixed set of old and new and make it work. They are not there yet, but when the new tunes get familiar to the ears, it’ll piece of cake to fire up audiences soon all over Europe.

The set’s opener, the standout title track off the LP.

Picture this.

I want a chandelier like that

Tom Barman: “where are the others”





dEUS: Linktree

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