London’s Outfit FEZ Cause An Adrenalin Rush To The Head With Krautrock ‘Missile THE EULOGY’

Daily noise that works faster than caffeine

5 March 2023

FEZ are London-based band that explores vintage
psychedelia, expansive blues jams and scopious jazz.

“The Eulogy was written in moments of frustration. It is first and foremost a lament
for the declining culture we find ourselves in. A world where content has become king
and Entertainment trumps Art in nearly every medium. Musically we wanted to drill into
the repetitive nature of motorik krautrock to reflect the everyday repetition we were experiencing during lockdown and also the copy/paste approach so much pop music
is heavily reliant on at the moment.”

The Eulogy is a glorious motorik Krautrock-like mind-twister that rotates on and on
until you get dizzy. Its swirling synth-guitar drive causes an adrenalin rush to the head.
No brakes, no breaks on this sonic missile. Like a runaway train that can crash anytime. Your ears will tremble to its razzle-dazzle speed of life and its pushing vocals. If this
steaming jam doesn’t get you out of your lazy coach you’re in big trouble.

Let’s roll.

FEZ: Facebook – Instagram

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