London’s Singer-Songwriter CHVRLI BLVCK Makes You Silent With Heartfelt Ballad ‘WHY DID YOU GO?’

New striking strokes

10 March 2023

Who: London-born singer-songwriter known for his vocal prowess and emotionally raw style. His music reflects his personal struggles with mental health, with an eclectic but immediately recognisable sound, influenced by artists such as Jeff Buckley, The Maccabees, and Fiona Apple.

New single: WHY DID YOU GO?

TUTV: This is an emotive post-break-up pearl. Heartfelt reflections embedded
in a goosebumps musing that resonates like a bittersweet symphony. BLVCK’s
highly passionate vox reminds me of Antony Hegarty‘s sensitive ardency. The
whole-souled tristesse and mixed emotions at play here make you silent.

Tune in.

CB: Instagram – Twitter

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