Bursting Bonkers Fun – JAPANESE JESUS From Ireland Hit Hard With ‘TENSION’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 March 2023

Who: A firm hitting duo featuring Bertie Kelly (vocals, guitars, bass)
and Denny Dunworth (Drums) from County Limerick, Ireland.


It’s the first single taken from a new 5-track EP, titled Depression Breakfast
which will see a digital and vinyl release later this year.

TUTV: Wham bloody wham bam. Tension starts droning from the first drum thwack
on and gets slash and trash company of schizo guitar ferocity and Kelly‘s punked-up
vocals. And when this jagged jackhammer goes on a roaring roll after 110 seconds,
it’s bursting bonkers time. Middle-finger to all idiotic problem seekers is the message.
Japanese Jesus deliver the titanic tune to do their heads in with. Smashing stroke!

Press play.
Go mad.

JAPANESE JESUS: Instagram – Twitter

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