SLEAFORD MODS By Very Good Numbers With New Album ‘UK GRIM’

Standout longplayers

11 March 2023

Who: English rap-punk poets feat.
loudmouth Jason Williamson and
multi-instrumentalist Andrew Fearn.

New album: UK GRIM – the duo’s 7th LP

Jason Williamson: “Maybe we are proud of the country. Maybe we are proud to be English. Maybe I’m proud of the horrible grey streets and the shit weather and the stupid fashions I find myself investing in. It’s just that the English we’re proud of being is absolutely nothing like the English the authorities want to try and promote.”

NME: “Assisted by members of Jane’s Addiction and Dry Cleaning, the Nottingham duo
take us on another aggy but colourful cruise of our crisis-weary isle. On their seventh album proper as a duo (12th if counting earlier rarities), the Mods follow-up 2021’s universally-acclaimed career-high ‘Spare Ribs’, a record that shrugged at the clusterfuck of COVID Britain. ‘UK Grim’ is a more aggressive beast, with multi-instrumentalist Andrew Fearn bringing more colour to their sound, continuing to add new depths to his compositions.”
Score: 4/5.

TUTV: It’s Sleaford Mods by very good numbers. A familiar sounding record with its slamming the UK rants (Brexit didn’t benefit the country in many ways and the ongoing right-wing Tories‘ pressure isn’t a blessing either) and, sonically, with its catchy simplicity that still activates your limbs. The mods never disappoint.

TUTV‘s fav tracks: UK Grim / Right Wing Beast / Don / So Trendy / Pit 2 Pit

SINGLES/CLIPS: UK Grim / Force 10 Navarone / So Trendy


Feat. Florence Shaw from Dry Cleaning

Feat. Perry Ferrell from Jane’s Addiction


“In England, nobody can hear you scream”

SLEAFORD MODS: Facebook – Instagram

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