Scottish Hungry Post-Punk Wolves GALLUS With New Slam Dunk ‘EYE TO EYE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

14 March 2023

GALLUS is a rowdy post-punk 5-piece from Glasgow, Scotland. A hit team
formed in early 2017, and that released, so far, a series of smashing singles
with a new slam dunk just out (below).

I heard/saw the band for the first time last October in Antwerp,
A kickass gig that made me an instant fan.

Why? Because these hungry wolves went on a motherockin’ roll from
the very start to the bloody finish. No breaks, no breaks, no mistakes with
frontman John ranting like the best, backed by a red-hot-smoking turbo.

One of the peak moments of the set came with a horsepower uppercut named
EYE TO EYE, now blasting on my earphones as their new single. It’s a furious fucktastic jackhammer. Drum-manic, riff-crazy, bass-pumping and John‘s vox right in your face
as expected. Can’t wait to see them again next month in my hometown Ghent, Belgium.

Here we go.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

GALLUS: Facebook – Instagram

(Live photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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