Belgian Garage Rockers DESMOND DANDIES With Riff Monster ‘MAGICIAN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

16 March 2023

(Press photo via VI.BE)

Who: Noisemakers from Limburg, Belgium

New single: MAGICIAN
A piece from their upcoming debut LP 57 Heaven that arrives
on Record Store Day, April 15, both on vinyl and digitally.

TUTV: Magician is about having a crush on someone and doing all that’s needed to score. Sonically, it’s a garage rock riff sledgehammer. A mean psych-groove monster doing your head in the way you like it. It goes wham bam bloody wham bam with its manic drum/bass force, its helter-skelter hooks and its hungry vocals. Bring on the album, motherrockers!

bang your head.

DESMOND DANDIES: Facebook – Instagram

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