Canadian Psych Rock Trio SOFTSWITCH Crank It Up On New Single ‘MEMORIAM’

New striking strokes

16 March 2023

Who: Alt indie trio
from Winnipeg, Canada

A piece from their upcoming second EP, out
on 5th May, following their debut Happiness .

“A nihilist agenda in tune with bleak ‘90s post-punk,”
says the band about the track.


TUTV: I have a big appetite for schizophrenic psych jams like this where layers of distorted sounding guitars reflect the confused state of mind of the artist and creep under your skin from the kick-off. The hazy spoken vocals are in tune with the ominous shadow hanging all over Memoriam. You’ll hear echoes of former noise icons Sonic Youth and Michael Gira‘s mindbending Swans. Yes, expect some freakish stuff.


Buy via Bandcamp.


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