International Collective MARIVON Enchant With Quality Singer-Songwriting Album ‘NONE OF THIS IS MINE’

18 March 2023

Artists: MARIVON
Who: An eclectic group of international recording musicians assembled by
Canadian artist Jill McKenna. They joined forces to make an album of music
surpassing geography and genres.

Released: 9 March. Buy here.

Info: “None of this is Mine is an album of music that challenges the way music is structured. This story, which is told by English singer-songwriters, New York City jazz musicians, Canadian hip-hop artists and more, is a conversation on connection. Not so dissimilar from the movie Love Actually or Richard Powers’ book The Overstory, we create threads throughout the album using voice, lyrics and genre so you very quickly find familiarity on your first listen. As you unapologetically traverse from folk to jazz to bluegrass and back again, there is a moment here for everyone to love.”

TUTV: This is a pretty special project with various international artists creating an enchanting, coherent record of quality songwriting. Overall it’s an intimate, tender and vocally superb collection of romantic balladry, piano/cello/violin/banjo musings, and some intriguing pop experimentalism. Think Regina Spektor and Big Thief. Discover it all, it’s a great companion for relaxing moments.


MARIVON: Facebook – Instagram

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