60s Pop Squad DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH No 1 This Day 55 Years Ago On The British Singles Chart

20 March 2023

With a long band name featuring the (fake) first name of the group’s members, you should think that that was a sort of commercial suicide, but no, this British 60s pop squad scored a series of fab hits such as Bend It, Hold Tight, Don Juan, Zabadak and also THE LEGEND OF XANADU written by music composers Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley. As was the case with many of the group’s recordings, it had novelty elements — a trumpet section and the distinctive sound of a whip cracking in the chorus.

The classic cracker topped the British Single Chart on this day 55 years ago.

Sing it, legends.

DDBM&T: Bio – Discography

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