Blue Colored Bulldozer ALREADY DEAD Back With New Steamroller ‘DON’T WAKE ME’ Feat. BOS

New striking strokes

25 March 2023

Who: Hefty punk rock trio
from Boston, Massachusetts.

The trio don’t pretend to be working class, they just are. Daniel Cummings (vocalist/guitarist) is a union pipefitter, bassist Brandon Bartlett is a union
ironworker; and drummer Nick Cali is a CDL operator in his hometown.

They made Turn Up The Volume‘s ears tremble last October
with their smoking debut album My Collar Is Blue.

Turn Up The Volume said: “7 working-class punk anthems for working-class people who wear their working-class identity on their sleeves. Loud and proud. 7 sucker punches about and for natural-born blue-collar workers.”

New single: DON’T WAKE ME featuring BOS The Rapper

BOS (pronounced ‘Boss’) “It’s about traveling, the desire to move and see new places and being restless when you’re stuck in one spot. I love an open highway at night, driving and seeing the bright lights of a big city I’ve never been to creep towards me. Something inside always wants to be some place I haven’t seen, having a beer with someone I haven’t met. It’s about dreaming of music being the vehicle that makes it happen, touring and performing in buildings we might ever see again.”

The Boss (pic by Berto Medoa)

TUTV: The 3-motor Boston bulldozer steam again on this blistering haymaker.
A two-headed beast, starting with a rotating riff and a mid-tempo groove, and
working its way with an ominous pace to a sudden blistering acceleration around
the 1-minute mark. A head-spinning process that repeats itself afterward. Agitated
vocals rush throughout and add a sharp-teethed edge.

Already Dead are alive and kicking hard again with this blue-hot-blooded
steamroller everybody with an open mind can go nuts to.

Take a deep breath and press play

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