DRIPPING TREES Impress With Slow Sizzling Psych Jam ‘SEA OF ANTS’

New striking strokes

8 April 2023

Photo by Ingrid Enache

Who: Dutch post-rock quartet that opt for an immersive sound
that explores skulking, slow-burning dynamic. They released their
debut album Fuel Of Mankind 2 years ago.

New single: SEA OF ANTS

Single aretwork

TUTV: Sea Of Ants is a slow sizzling psych jam, about a dystopian world marked
by artificial immortality, moving like a vicious snake always ready to attack. Now
and than the song erupts and causes the impression that a sonic explosion can
happen any second, while haunting vocals match the tension terrifically well.
Scottish noisemakers Mogwai are not far away. Top stroke.

Press play.
Get puzzled.

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