Big Heart, Big Soul, Big Mouth, Big Riffs – Yes It’s THERAPY? With Their New Blustery Buster

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13 April 2023

Northern Irish rock heroes Therapy? have been around like
forever since they started making post-punk havoc in 1989.

The trio just announced album number 16. It’s baptized
and will hit the streets on 5th May.

Pre-order info here.

Following the first sickly sticky single Joy the Northern Irishmen launched
another new sinewy piece, titled POUNDLAND OF HOPE AND GLORY.

Andy Cairns: “This track started out as a hard take on how people lose themselves
in narratives to the point that the myth takes on greater importance than the fact.
Just like the old adage about the liar repeating the lie so much that they eventually
believe it themselves, the culture around us is bursting with fairy stories we tell

A tactic copied throughout history by all sort of charlatans

TUTV: Poundland of Hope And Glory is another therapeutic jackhammer
aiming at your ears from the moment the first chord attacks your headphones.
The seasoned post-punk-noise turbo with Andy Cairns still at the wheel may have
lost some hair here and there along their tempestuous ride that started in 1989,
but they still ramble and rumble with a big heart, a big soul, a big mouth and
big riffs.

Here’s the proof.

THERAPY? – Facebook – Instagram

(Live photos by Turn Up the Volume – Lokerse Feesten Belgium, 2019)

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