A SHORELINE DREAM Share Instrumental Psych-Shoegazy Fantasy ‘DRIVEAWAY’

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15 April 2023

Photo by Ryan Policky

Who: A musical project with changing lineups, conceived in 2008 and now consisting
of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ryan Policky and guitarist Erik Jeffries from Colorado. They already recorded/released 6 albums. Check them out on Bandcamp.

Visual single/video

Single/clip: DRIVEAWAY
Track from their newest longplayer Loveblind. Stream/buy here.

TUTV: Driveaway is a psychedelic shoegaze instrumental that triggers your fantasy with layers of synths creating a surreal atmosphere, mellow guitar lines floating all over it like
a bird in the sky, and a fuzzy reverberation sequence in the back. The accompanying video clip is quite surprising as it’s a sort of schizophrenic collage of a restless woman losing herself in the woods. The exact opposite effect of its musical fantasy. One minus point: the song is way too short. A 7-minute remix would be cool, and of course there’s always the repeat button.

Ryan Policky (frontman): “The visual concept is based on a lot of what has been happening
to people just going about their normal everyday lives, only to be now forcefully expelled from feeling any sense of freedom. Now that many are getting back to our pre-pandemic lives, we’re finding ourselves in an entirely new situation. A situation where lines are constantly crossed, art is overly scrutinized, and people are at each others throats trying to separate themselves to try and reset their entire existence.”


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