Waking Up Singing ABC

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26 April 2023

I guess you wonder now and then how this Turn Up The Volume guy’s mind works.
He jumps from pop to hardcore, from EBM to post-punk, from rap to metal, from
soul to blues, from the past to the present and back. Answer: he doesn’t know exactly. What he does know is that he was born a music fanatic and that since then his ears
decide what he likes or not.

That said, back now to the Motown heydays with immortal soul stars THE JACKSON FIVE and one of their many mega hits. ABC topped the US Charts 53 years ago today, on 26 April 1970.

Michael Jackson was 12 then, already demonstrating his outstanding vocal and dance potential. We all know what happened afterward. A fantastic career with a dramatic end. R.I.P.


THE JACKSON FIVE: Bio – Discography

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