Italian Space Rockers ROPSTEN Invite You To Join Their Hallucinatory Trip On New Album ‘ALAMOGORDO’

26 April 2023

Who: Spacey Kraurockers from Italy


Foto by Michele Spinnato

Alamogordo is the process of realizing that the fun could end, a new awakening. Although the message can immediately trigger a feeling of anguish, an infantile regression that one does not want to accept, this must not and cannot be seen in the negative sense, but rather a hope, a new awareness of what we have, of its limit and the need to take a step back to protect it, enjoy it and last but not least preserve ourselves. The idea is that this last lap could be the most authentic and valuable. Deeply believing that that remaining lap, if shared, can give something more, that there is another way of seeing and experiencing things. In order not to disrupt our humanity by detaching ourselves more and more from the environment.”

The title track

TUTV: Imagine you awake at night but you’re not sure if you actually are awake or asleep (scary moments, right? At least for me that is) and you think you are floating uncontrollably in an unknown space, a pitch-black space, and you have no clue where you are and what will happen along the way, but slowly the sensation of this 45-minute sonic trip named Alamogordo gets a hold of you and you don’t care anymore what’s real or not, or where you’re are, you just enjoy the hallucinatory experience

These images popped up in my mind when I listened, for the first time, to this instrumental journey with its eight psychedelic jams, infused with haunting guitars, oterwordly synths and Mogwai echos here and there. I propose you to invent your own dream when Alamogordo plays on your headphones. Have a nice flight.


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