Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space With MONTA And Their New Single ‘APPLES OF THE SUN’

New striking strokes

30 April 2023

Who: A post-punk electronic collective that
ventures into dark synthpop and art rock
from Kansas City.

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“It’s inspired by the Parker Solar Probe which has recently passed the Alfvén critical surface, allowing it to enter the solar atmosphere. The achievement was inspired by
the classic Ray Bradbury short story The Golden Apples Of The Sun which in turn was inspired by the song of the same name. The song speaks to the collective human hubris in striving for greatness and proving our own invincibility, reflected in the line “Let’s touch the sun and claim our eternal modern status.” This milestone signals an exciting time in space exploration as we begin to break the limits and expand further into space.”

TUTV: Apples Of The Sun is a slo-mo psych trip, both ghostly and moony.
Glittering guitars, scintillating synths and idyllic vocals. Think Jason Pierce‘s
symphonic rock band Spiriualized and his otherwordly and dreamy 1997
pearl Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating In Space.



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