Dutch Indie Rockers TRAMHAUS With Their New Riff-Blistering Single ‘MINUS TWENTY’

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13 May 2023

Photo by Michèle Margot

Who: Indie rockers from
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

New single: MINUS TWENTY

It’s the final single in the trilogy of singles that the band has released over
the past three months (check them all on Spotify). It’s a mesmerizing anthem
that draws its lyrical inspiration from messianic episodes and grand narratives
of the past. The song attempts to challenge notions of dogmatic belief systems
and reimagine religious history. This song, which reaches an emotional climax,
depicts the fragility and tragedy of life’s greatest stories.

TUTV: Holy smoke! This is a maddening masterstroke. Minus Twenty rotates around
a hypnotic, ongoing riff that creeps under your skin slowly but surely, without asking.

The temperature goes up, now and then instigated by caustic vocals, even at times it
feels like this magnetizing groover will explode but that mindboggling riff holds control
all the way through even when adrenalized guitars go berserk when the finale kicks in.

If Tramhaus were English I would add them to the awesome list of the rebirth of British post-punk with bands such as Shame, Ditz, black midi, Crows, Silverbacks and Black Country New Road.



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