Vancouver’s Indie Pop Quartet BEALBY POINT With Their New Melodramatic Score ‘AMERICA’

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14 May 2023

Approachable guys from
Vancouver making cool music.

New single: AMERICA

“America” is a song that takes the listener on a journey through a relationship, from meeting and falling in love, to inevitably falling out of love in tragedy. The title, “America,” guided our musical creativity. The swooping lead guitar riffs and the heavy, chunky rhythm guitars along with the 6/8 groove and thick bass lines create a patriotic feel that really embraces the title.
The chorus was written first, and we couldn’t help but picture images of fighter jets flying over a football field coated in American flags and raging fans all bleeding red, white, and blue flooded our minds which led to the song becoming an anthem.”

Artwork credit: Ethan Sawyer

TUTV: Pop melancholia at its soul-stirring best. It’s dreaming out loud
about a past relationship with ups and a final down. America is a bittersweet
symphony with a feverish timbre, melodramatically orchestrated. Close your
eyes and loose yourself in your thoughts. Score!



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