Smells Like THE RUPERT SELECTION Spirit – Hear Their New Grunge Slam ‘I Saw God’

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22 May 2023

Photo by Peter McManus

Who: Psychedelic grunge rockers from Boston

New single: I SAW GOD

Reilly Somach (guitarist/vocalist/songwriter): “‘I Saw God’ is a continuation of us
trying to evolve and push our creative boundaries, trying to new things and seeing
how far our sound can go. Keep everything progressing, but keep it still familiar enough
to our roots. I like the idea of keeping the interpretation of this one as vague and open
ended as possible. Whatever the listener perceives as being God within the song, that’s
what it is.””

TUTV: Nirvana’s‘s poignant teen spirit is all over this mind-boggling grunger.
This hellish head-over-heels assault will leave you out of breath in the end.
I Saw God is a malicious mammoth of a haymaker. Layers of razor-blade riffage,
monstrous drumming and anxious vocals bringing the late great motorhead
Lemmy‘s growling pipes to mind, combine for a supersonic ballbreaker.

Now I’m sure that God
was a biblical punk rocker.


Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.


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