Italian Duo DEATH INDEX Intimidate With Industrial Punk Rock Shocker ‘HUMAN / MACHINERY’

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24 May 2023

Who: Inflammable duo – Carson Cox and Marco Rapisarda – from
Vatican City, Italy that mix industrial, punk rock, Goth, and synth-wave
into a blistering sound. Back in 2016, they released their self-titled
debut album. Check it on Spotify.


First shared piece of their new upcoming album ,
titled Civilized By A Lie
. Out on 7 July.
Pre-order info here.

(Promo photo)

Cox about the single: “Not a day goes by where I don’t think of the violence of machinery and how humanity lives side by side with planes, trains, and cargo trucks. Every day is like living with a tamed beast that doesn’t attack but roars its gears. The city is deaf with it but people seem to look at it as a circus where no one can get hurt until one of the tigers misses a cue.”

TUTV: Human / Machinery is a relentless industrial punk-rock shocker interwoven here
and there with darkwavish synths. Deranged guitars, thumping drum/bass and ghostly vocals. All elements for a mechanical mindfucker are in place here. Think Front 242 and Nine Inch Nails having a backbreaking noise contest with Rammstein as the jury. Get the wall-of-titanic-sound picture? You just can’t ignore the Herculean gusto and intimidating bravado of Death Index. Capisce?

The accompanying video clip is pretty in-your-face too with flashes of horrific
robots bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s deadly Terminator machine to mind.


DEATH INDEX: Facebook – Instagram

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