Irish Hard Rockers FORGE HOUNDS Riff And Roll For The Oppressed On New Corker ‘REDCOAT’

New striking strokes

26 May 2023

Who: New hard rock project based in Waterford, Ireland
featuring seasoned musicians and songwriters.

New single: REDCOAT

It’s a hard rock reworking of a bluesy song written and recorded by Paul J Bolger in
the mid-1990’s on “The Moss House” album under the name BOLGER. The band decided to give it their own unique treatment.

Story: It’s a song about the oppressed trying to repel their oppressor. It might feature
a certain struggle that took place in Ireland in the 1700’s but it could also be set in North America, India, Africa, New Zealand, Australia way back when – anywhere covetous or power-hungry invaders seek to eliminate another people and place for their own benefit. Replace the Redcoat with any would-be conqueror or Imperialist horde up to no good
in the past or the present and you get the idea.

TUTV: Old skool hard rock, anyone? Yes me. As long as it rambles and rolls, as long
as it’s riff-packed and electric-charged, as long as it’s for real and honest I’ll take it.
And these Irish dogs named Forge Hounds have/do it all. References? Somewhere
between the bluesy heat of Thin Lizzy and the glam gusto of Def Leppard with Lenny
(59 today!) joining in for a freakin’ guitar solo. Say no more.

They like it. I like it. You’ll like it too.

Tune in.

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