Canadian Post-Punk Act DOWN THE LEES Honor The Iconic French Chansonnier EDITH PIAF On New Single ‘SINCE LA VIE EN ROSE’

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29 May 2023

Canadian act DOWN THE LEES, the musical project of singer-songwriter-guitarist
Laura Lee Schultz, returned last April, with their first new music since the end of the
Covid-19 pandemic. Single Dead And Over was/is a grand alive and kicking comeback.

It’s followed now by a brand-new piece

TUTV: I never ever thought about the possibility that the late great French
chansonnier Édith Piaf, born as Édith Giovanna Gassion in 1915 (yep, I’m a
great fan, with thanks to my parents) would be the star of a post-punk-rock
noise jam.

But it happens here with Canadian act Down The Lees‘ architect Laura Lee Schultz.
She wrote the song during the awful pandemic period. LL dives into the psyche of
Edith Piaf and her tortured fame and eventual demise.

Since C’est La Vie En Rose sounds as turbulent and capricious – with highs and lows,
ups and downs – as the short, tumultuous life of Piaf who passed away in 1963, aged
only 47. The ghostly composition resonates as a slow-burning torch, erupting like a volcano now and then, and with Schultz’s spacey vocals adding an eerie feel to the full
film noir picture developing here. DTL will never regret the making and recording of this black and white pearl. Kudos to them.

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

I know you felt all alone
Solo, in your microphone

Since la vie en rose
Since la vie en rose

Your time immortal
Stretches on

Since la vie en rose
Since la vie en rose

Did you really think that nobody cared
A tarnished memory
An irresistible need to destroy yourself

Since la vie en rose
Since la vie en rose
Since la vie en rose

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