British Synth-Pop Outfit MAGNETIC SKIES Share Mixed Emotions On Their Bittersweet Synth Symphony ‘SUFFOCATE’

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2 June 2023

(Photo by Scott Chalmers)

Who: Synth-pop act formed in 2019 with a shared love of 80s synth-driven post-punk by Simon Kent (vocals & keyboards) and Jo Womar (keyboards). The band spent most of that first year locked away in studios, experimenting with material that would evolve into songs released over a set of EPs during 2020. They’re gearing up now for their debut album titled ‘Empire Falling’, out in the Autumn.

New single: SUFFOCATE

‘The song is about a relationship that breaks down. At the start, everything is incredible and you throw yourself head-first into that and nothing else matters, you just want this dream to come true. Then things change, reality sets in and everything around that falls apart to devastating effect. We wanted a dark, agitated, claustrophobic video – devoid of colour – to complement the emotions in the song.’

TUTV: Suffocate is a mixed-emotions cry out. It’s a bittersweet synth symphony
that reaches for the sky with its ravishing chorus. Think Sisters of Mercy, going pop,
fronted by Depeche Mode‘s heartfelt voice Dave Gahan.

Expect trance-evoking electronics, spellbound bass vibrancy and lead singer
Simon Kent’s mesmerising vocals. It sounds as if a full orchestra is at work trying
to get rid of the demons at play, with a resounding vigour. A towering score.


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