Veteran Punk-Riff Maniacs RANCID Are Still Punk-Riff Maniacs Today – 10th Album ‘TOMORROW NEVER COMES’ Out Now

4 June 2023

Californian veteran punk rockers RANCID are making lots of racket since 1991 and after the release of their 2017 album Trouble Maker they just launched number 10, entitled TOMORROW NEVER COMES.

Kerrang says: “Big choruses, bold tempos, muscular arrangements. Because for all their latter-day familiarity, Rancid are not the same band as their younger selves. ‘Eddie the Butcher was a stevedore / We sailed together on the Singapore shore,’ sings Tim Armstrong on the quite wonderful New American. Time was this group were criticised for what their detractors imagined – wrongly, as it goes – to be a likeness to The Clash, but in the 21st century they’ve become as evocative as The Pogues. An ageless punk rock poet he may be, but on Tim, advanced middle-age is a good look.” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: The middle-aged noise crusaders from the sunny state started as punk-riff maniacs 32 years ago, and they’re still punk-riff maniacs today. But not just that alone, they still come up with cast iron juggernauts that incite chaotic moshpits and triggers many lungs to blow up when scream-yell-bellow along choruses fly all over the place. I just wonder if their grandchildren are Rancid fans too.

Singles/Clips: Devil In Disguise / Don’t Make Me Do It / Tomorrow Never Comes




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