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7 June 2023

What about a new supergroup, folks? Anyone? Don’t go away yet ’cause here’s one that actually rocks it balls off. MANTRA OF THE COSMOS features Shaun Ryder & Bez (Happy Mondays/Black Grape), Andy Bell (Ride/Oasis) and drummer Zak Starkey, yes Ringo’s son, who played with Oasis and The Who among others and who actually came up with this project’s idea and describes it as “a fantastic psychedelic groove from a band of misfits, outsiders and innovators.”

Bell: “It’s a pleasure to be part of Mantra of the Cosmos.
Four like-minded souls who get off on the same music.”

Ryder: “It doesn’t sound like the Mondays or Black Grape
or Oasis or The Who, it’s what we’re doing all together.”

In a press release, the band is described as “a dubby, electronic,
21st century Hawkwind of a band destined to be experienced through
epic live performances.”

They made their live debut in London last weekend and will
play the iconic Glastonbury Festival on Sunday June 25.

Enough info. Music maestro, please.

First single GORILLA GUERILLA is a mind-boggling techno-rock stomper
to start and end all (il)legal raves with and fill dancefloors around the globe
with. MANTRA OF THE COSMOS is a mean groove machine doing your head
in the way you like it, from start to finish. Set your brain on hold and move
your eager ass to the relentless big bang beat. This is what they got. E-tastic!

Tune in.

Extended your dancing on Spotify.

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