KASADOR – Passion Rock With Canadian Trio And Their New Top Album ‘YOUTH’

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7 June 2023

Who: Three fervid pop-rockers
from Kingston, Ontario, CA.

New album: YOUTH
The follow-up to their 2020 debut Brood & Bloom.

TUTV: Carpe diem. A cliché? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But life is far more complex than a simple cliché, you can’t control it on a daily basis. But one thing is undisputable, 
we all have to go one day. So, yes, let’s at least try to make the best of it.

For instance, by falling in love with this immensely passionate powerhouse album.

A record about “youth, memory, relationships, and how the relentless passage of time shapes and constantly reshapes all of those things. It’s the realization that things won’t—can’t—last forever, and trying to make sense of the gap between youthful dreams and very adult realities.”

It all starts with two head-over-heel riff-rushing rippers reminiscent of the razzle-dazzle explosiveness of Pixies. Afterward Kasador keep on rockin’ in their free world on the intensely emotive corkers Quite Your Crying, The City, Changing and Lock On, turning up the heated fever with a non-stop avalanche of red-hot-blooded licks and left/right hooks and last but not least guitarist Cameron Wyatt‘s sky-scraping voice, prominently present on all
8 tracks.

Youth ends with the majestic power pop ballad Crawling
and the melancholic and bluesy lullaby gem Younger Days.

Young or old, whatever, if you’re looking for heart-and-soul stirring music to make you feel alive and kicking than I suggest you discover this all genuine killers, no fake fillers record.

The video clip for titanic single Lock On.


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