Waking Up With… Wham Glam Bam Hype ALEX EXISTS

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

8 June 2023

Who: A Slavic-Canadian alt-pop artist, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker based out of Toronto. His work is inspired by absurdism, surrealism and optimistic nihilism. Fascinated by humanity’s anomalies and the dark side of pop culture with songs exclaiming our most intense emotions. Contrasting themes of rebellion, obsession, alienation, fear and desire.


The song is a cautionary tale about the dangers of blindly accepting popular beliefs and trends without questioning their validity. It satirizes the modern day hype machine and surrounding trends as entirely fabricated. It serves as a reminder to not believe everything you see or hear, and to cultivate a healthy sense of skepticism and independent thought.

TUTV: Wham bam glam! Think British glam icons T. Rex pumping up the jam with their fabulous boogie-woogie camp. Cool, right? You betcha. Believe The Hype is big fun with a big beat and a big melody. Don’t believe anything you hear about this artist, except that he exists and knows all rock and pop tricks to get you up, activate your limbs and make you dance.

You better believe it / It’s coming coming down fast / It’s turning me into digital ash /
Somebody’s treasure, another’s trash / Answers the questions, take off the mask

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