MY LO-FI HEART – Sheffield Artist With Trippy Summer Vibes On His New Single ‘DAYDREAM’

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14 June 2023

Who: The solo project of Sheffield-based hoarder of musical instruments,
Ian Turley who played in multiple bands and is now creating music in his
DIY home studio. So far he released one album (2019.) Check it here.

New single: DAYDREAM

“Daydream focuses on the thoughts you have when you are falling in love and
can’t keep your mind on anything else but the object of your desire. The every-day,
mundane thoughts get pushed out and all that is left is a dreamy lust.”

TUTV: It’s summer, it’s hot, well it is in Europe. Time to be lazy, to lay down
in a green field where bees buzz in harmony, to turn your back to reality, and
to start a romantic daydream about your loved one with this trippy ditty on your earphones. Its infectious synth vibes, resonating like a sparkling rill, soothes your
daily rat-race headache, and calms down your busy mind, well that’s what it does
for me. Try it too, you’ll definitely agree with me.

Listen. Watch. Enjoy.

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